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AHLOT – It's a Real Job Campaign

    Role – Strategy / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Copywriting / Design    

AHLOT Cannabis curates competing brands into themed, multipack collections – A Canadian first and only.

AWARDS: CMA Gold, AME Gold and IAC Gold

The Ask

With legalization around the corner, hundreds of licensed producers in Canada were fighting for brand awareness. AHLOT needed a memorable campaign that would cut through the clutter and make its brand a household name.

The Strategy

Without the budget of our competitors, we created a recruitment campaign offering eight lucky applicants the opportunity to earn $50 an hour to test and curate cannabis for future collections. This newsworthy strategy would also allow us to collect valuable data to inform trends and themes of AHLOT's future collections. 

The Results

The results were outstanding! The campaign went viral, reaching every continent except for Antarctica. In this four-week campaign, there were 196 published pieces, 24,000 applications submitted, a 26% follower increase on Twitter, 42% follower increase on Instagram, 666% on LinkedIn, 1046% on Facebook, and 2010% in newsletter sign-ups.


Because of the earned media, we were able to decrease our paid media spend and achieved these results $70k under budget. 

The Work

Case Study Video (60s)

Digital Ads

Cannabis regulations are strict – you're restricted from showing products, lifestyle imagery and even the use of the word 'cannabis' in your advertising. After researching what grey market customers respond to, we used humorous euphemisms and created quirky, eye-catching visuals that resonated with our customer base. 

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