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Aurora Cannabis – Recreational Branding

    Role – Strategy / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design    

Aurora Cannabis was the second-largest cannabis producer globally,
and prior to legalization, they provided medical patients with THC and CBD products in all formats, including flower, capsules and oils.

The Ask

With legalization peeking around the corner in late 2017, Aurora needed to evolve their current brand to appeal to a wider audience and a new recreational customer base. The problem was that they had little to no idea who their target audience was and how to reach them in the legal market.

The Challenge

With little to no research or data on their end, we were able to leverage what they had and compare that to U.S. data from multiple sources, and we built a variety of customer personas. Each persona was based on format use and psychographics, and we delivered four unique brand guideline booklets that spoke to their current and new recreational target markets – Master brand, Medical brand, Champion brand, and Urban brand.

The Work

Recreational Brand Launch Video (60s)

Even though we separated Aurora's customer base into four distinct categories, they were all based on the same core values and each shared similar characteristics. The brand launch video was about bringing all the target audiences together and celebrating their similarities, their differences and, of course, legalization in Canada.

Aurora (Champion Brand) – Brand Guidelines

The champion brand guide was developed for their flagship recreational product, and while these products are appealing to all cannabis consumers, the urban brand(s) and medical guides were more hyper-focused on niche segments.

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