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AHLOT x Greenman Acres - Launch Campaign (Social)

    Role – Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design    

Greenman Acres is a family-run, outdoor craft cannabis producer from Georgian Bay, who only uses only 100% organic inputs – No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

The Ask

Build a brand awareness campaign to help launch GMA into the very competitive cannabis space.

The Strategy

To introduce their flagship cultivar, 'Mother of Berries,’ we asked Greenman Acres to separate their top colas from their most recent harvest and produce a limited-edition 3.5g, top cola, single flower product – all packaged in a numbered collectable glass jar.


This would be an industry first and would surely create a buzz with cannabis retailers and consumers alike.

The Results

We began hyping the product to retailers weeks before the release, and OCS sold the entire lot within its first day; retailers were sold out within 3 days. For the coming weeks, consumers and budtenders were posting their jar numbers and raving reviews on their social channels, creating even more of a buzz around Greenman Acres and their debut craft product.

The Work


Move over top cola, there’s a new top cola in town.

Crack open a Mother of Berries OG Top Cola jar, and you’ll instantly know why this 3.5g single-nug-sensation is on everyone’s lips.

With 21% THC and 3% total terps, this small-batch, limited-quantity, uncarbonated cultivar will quench your cannabis thirst. Or not.

Hiiiieeeee. I’m Mother of Berries OG. I’m a fun fresh flower that loves short walks and long hauls by the beach. I’m a gorgeous, curvy 3.5g top cola with 3.1% terps — and I’m not afraid to flaunt it. Clearly, Instagram was a little jealous of all the attention I got and deleted my post last night, so here I am again.

To reiterate, I’m hang-dried, hand-trimmed, hand-packed and looking for someone who doesn’t just love me for my craft quality, they should also love me for my other qualities too. Like being hella good-looking and delicious.

Tap that link in my bio to learn more about meeeee.

Save the popcorn for the movies, this bud deserves an Oscar.

Oh, what’s that, it was nominated?

Best Single Bud in a 3.5g role?
Best Visual Effect?
Best Top Cola with 21.3% THC and 3.1% terps?
Best Picture-Perfect indica in a glass jar?
Best Score (there’s only 1,000!)

Mother of Berries OG - Top Cola Solitaire
21.3% THC. 3.1% terps. 100% not popcorn.

Coming soon to select retailers near you.

Learn more at the link in our bio.

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